Dungannon- Day One Results

All Age Bitch Stake

Laurdella Dani v Barbican Pride
Heart Strings v Wee Eggs
Central Majestic v Take The Turn
Hillside Blonde v Choctaw Squaw

Betting from Gerry Rooney on Nuts

Choctaw Squaw- 5/4
Laurdella Dani- 6/4
Barbican Price- 4/1
Wee Eggs, Heart Strings, Central Majestic, Hillside Blonde- 5/1
Take The Turn- 6/1

Derby Trial Stake

Gortmelia Bound (Adios Alonso x Easy N Sweet)- 10/1
Brians Choice (Eshwary Leader x Foxhill Penny)- 2/1

Winter Wish (Kyle James x Uptown Angel)- 3/1
Awfully Fast (Tullamore x Central Heroine)- 5/2

Coshair Tom (Kyle Leigh x Star Proof)- 8/1
Itsgonnabetropic (Kyle Ranger x Spital Error)- 4/1

Explosive Start (Thomas The Tank x Rocky Hill)- 3/1
Specific Tank (Thomas The Tank x Adios Belle)- 6/1

Oaks Trial Stake

Lucan Sadie (Adios Alonso x Smart Sadie)- 6/1
Sounds Perfect (Adios Alonso x Trioanas Joy)- 10/1

Roes Bank (Newinn Wonder x Roes Hill)- 2/1
Bellinter Megan (Kyle Leigh x Oilean Smile)- 3/1

Ah Be Happy (Newinn Wonder x Roes Hill)- 8/1
Dark Brown Hair (Cross Country x Miss Candy Floss)- 2/1

Marjeta (Kingsmill Dynamo x Phoenix Tango)- 8/1
Vast Majority (Man Of War x Girl Guide)- 8/1


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