Rathcormac- Day One Results

Jim Howard Cup

Glenbowen Junior v Norfolk Shore
Skellig Shane v Millridge Rocket
Fleetwood Al v Crafty Boogaloo
Silver Charlie v Cherrygrove Bolt

All Age Bitch Stake

Skellig Sky v Seaside Sophie
Bye v Sheeraghs Toomey
Sarou Shannon v Skellig Jewel
Colossal View v Colins Beauty

Derby Trial Stake

Crafty Divo (Tullamore x Central Heroine)
Wheres My Muzzle (Thomas The Tank x Dusty Track)

Archgrove Magic (Mafi Magic x Google That)
Pobals Ranger (Newinn Wonder x Shaunanne Flyer)

Vardy Time (Kyle James x Barrack Bimbo)
Oldfriendsrbest (Feel My Pulse x Come On Molly)

Skellig Kieran (Adios Alonso x Skellig Babe)
Rushview James (Kyle James x Great Ability)

Reserve Oaks Trial Stake

Why Tanyard Lass (Thomas The Tank x Why Tanyardpenny)
Archgrove Julie (Mafi Magic x Killalon Pumpkin)

Fiadhs Wee Tank (Thomas The Tank x Ashwood Sarah)
Res B: Hilight Madam (Thomas The Tank x Two Fools)

Lochbo Trickie (Latest Trick x Lochbo Diva)
Oilean Cailin (Kyle Leigh x Oilean Smile)

Garbally Magic (Mafi Magic x Galbally Ellen)
Res D: Seaside Tango (Thomas The Tank x Alone We Are)


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