Balbriggan- Day One Results

Clonard Cup

Drumcrow Rab v Judiligence
Cuine Hero v Hillside James
Crafty Korozo v Jet Stream
Minnesota Master v Hodododo

All Age Bitch Stake

Key To Success v Oakview Banba
Northland Jenny v Heart Strings
Jamaica Jenny v Killucan Rose
Bank Giro v Divine Wisdom

Oaks Trial Stake

Brindle Sparkey (Newinn Wonder x Munie Venture)
Charlemont Spice (Thomas The Tank x Killacolla Spice)

Crafty Castano (Thomas The Tank x Adios Belle)
Res A: Killcurry Snow (Central City x Murneys Lane)

Nobody Said (Bexhill Eoin x Cushie Wingbell)
Kilkilette (Newinn Wonder x Hard To Sell)

Derramore Chick (Cross County x Miss Candy Floss)
Shipupshipout (Mafi Magic x Tilt Your Kilt)

Reserve Derby Trial Stake

Freffans Pirate (Central City x Freffans Pearl)
Joint Dilemma (Kyle Ranger x Spital Error)

Tax Compliant (Mafi Magic x Tilt Your Kilt
Ashmore Bonus (Thomas The Tank x Central Model)

Moon Shorty (Killimor Matey x Lochbo Pebbles)
Mungos Express (Lochbo Blake x Mungos Melody)

Blade Runner (Adios Alonso x Twilight Options
How About No (Kyle Leigh x Ballymore Kate)


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