East Donegal- Day One Results

Gold Cup

Willing And Able v Benefit Blue
Kilsally Magic v Rory For Glory
Ballyhast Flyer v Needham Ashmore
Budore Dip v Seriously Brave

Derby Trial Stake

Eshwary Dawn (Blueview Sam x Eshwary Laura)
Falcon Wonder (Newinn Wonder x Bambas Hawkeye)

Lills Man (Adios Alonso x Smart Sadie)
Stowaway James (Newinn Wonder x Eastwell Blonde)

Mwamba Leader (Eshwary Leader x Foxhill Penny)
Deetown Alec (Newinn Wonder x Corrupt Committee)

Graphic (Adios Alonso x Trionas Joy)
Askcharlesoliver (Kyle Leigh x Good Morning Mam)

Oaks Trial Stake

Flagfield Blonde (Mafi Magic x Flagfield Dash)
Elusive Gold (Newinn Wonder x Eastwell Blonde)

Overtime Carol (Man of War x Girl Guide)
Bellinter Megan (Kyle Leigh x Oilean Smile)

Moorstown Diane (Kyle Leigh x Good Morning Mam)
Do It Chubby (Adios Alonso x Kincora Chubbys)

Society (Adios Alonso x Trionas Joy)
Go On Mavis (Mafi Magic x Broadwell Blonde)


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