Lixnaw- Day Two Results

O’Carroll O’Connor Cup

Blackpool Kyle v Essential
Walkinmyshoes v Kyle Bruce
Wiseguy Mark v Mad Jingles
Battleoftheboyne v Tory Hill Denzil

All Age Bitch Stake

Leigh Snowie v Mystery Sky
Droopys Flamingo v Banba Be Lucky
Bower Judy v Social Sally
Kilcastle Five v Corbraighe Holly

Derby Trial Stake

Killacolla Jet (Thomas The Tank x Killacolla Spice)
Tribunal Script (Kyle James x Uptown Angel)

Spruce Earl (Adios Alonso x Larchill Millie)

Oaks Trial Stake

Dresden Log On (Thomas The Tank x Call Her Dresden)
Duarigle Debbie (Adios Alonso x Duarigle Magic)

Daydream Lady (Thomas The Tank x Barefoot Model)


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