Newcastlewest- Day One Results

Derby Trial Stake

Westlimerickhero (Kilkeale Hero x Alainn)
Ballyroad Boy (Thomas The Tank x Dusty Track)

Awfully Fast (Tullamore x Central Heroine)
Killacolla Tank (Thomas The Tank x Killacolla Spice)

Jamess Treasure (Kyle James x Fives Treasure)
Ballinvosherig (Newinn Wonder x Hereforthecraic)

Smearla Dresden (Thomas The Tank x Call Her Dresden)
Bedford Sam (Kyle James x Barrack Bimbo)

Res B: Needham Notorios (Bexhill Eoin x Gadget Girl)
Mungos Express (Lochbo Blake x Mungos Melody)

Timber Tank (Thomas The Tank x Lady Twinkletoes)
Duarigle Desmond (Adios Alonso x Duarigle Magic)

Oaks Trial Stake

Downtown Bell (Adios Alonso x Shamakiya)
Swanky Ena (Swords Prince x Swanky Freya)

Bexhill Anna (Bexhill Eoin x Gadget Girl)
Galbally Magic (Mafi Magic x Galbally Ellen)

Big One (Mafi Magic x Big Maggie)
Miss Two (Thomas The Tank x Live At Two)

Drop It Ginger (Adios Alonso x Kates Shoes)
Whistupshecoming (Adios Alonso x Central Stardust)

Formcrior Maggie (Thomas The Tank x Dynalite)
Cryptic Sunrise (Hopes And Dreams x Sunny Skies)

Win Or Else (Adios Alonso x Red Review)
Coolree Leader (Eshwary Leader x Coolree Keeper)


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