Westport- Day One Results

Derby Trial Stake

Winner All Write (Mafi Mafic x Get On Norsa)
Shaunanne Tiger (Newinn Wonder x Shaunanne Flyer)

Sian Can (Newinn Wonder x Roes Hill)
Central Frontier (Tullamore x Central Heroine)

Case Dismissed (Thomas The Tank x Stop That Ger)
Kilkeale Chance (Kilkeale Hero x Tristans Choice)

Colina Nipper (Adios Alonso x Why Tanyard Tess)
Barefoot Marine (Newinn Wonder x Polar Run)

Oaks Trial Stake

Outcast Matilda (Killimor Matey x Ballinveala Wren)
Nemos Blues (Skellig Way x Skellig Blues)

Heart Of Hearts (Kyle James x Ever Stardust)
Tree Top Kerry (Adios Alonso x Tanyard Kerry)

Brackaloon Lady (Adios Alonso x Marriage Wrecker)
Meant For Me (Adios Alonso x Larchill Millie)

Balinveala Jewel (Killimor Matey x Ballinveala Wren)
Kick Me Girl (Vale View Flyer x Dale Andretti)


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