Horse and Jockey Hotel Oaks

Blazing Queen v Billistown Babe
Illwaitforyou v Cracking Prim
Big One v Gripwell Nancy
Did You No v Jamaica Judy
Laughing Candle v Try Colour
Pumpkin Abbie v Classic Lady
Duarigle Debbie v Lemon Zara
Tea Time Gem v Handsoffshesmine

Finn Dancer v Oilean Cailin
Roes Bank v Coolree Leader
Count Belle v Gadget Queen
Lone Ramble v Russmur Event
Touch Of Class v Mother Of Pearl
Offshore View v Trillainminella
Carrowkeal Molly v Moorstown Diane
Iberostar v Thats My Story

Yodgik v Why Tanyard Lass
Skellig Shine v Pilgrim Victoria
Derramore Chick v Nickies Betty
Mixed Marriage v Ougham Honey
Wilderness Queen v Brindle Sparkey
Our Miztique v Moneyinthebank
Amys Angel v Brownshill Babe
Shournagh Line v Ruby Rush

Gooleen Return v Tree Top Kerry
Dresden Log On v Barna Wonder
Knockout Glory v Go On Mavis
Float Alone v Delightful Lola
Following Lights v Well Friend
Chancemesarah v Dicks Bimbo
Society v Miss McGill
Bexhill Anna v Gonetoknock


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