Glin 2017 – Day One Results

Derby Trial Stake

Mountain Holly (Vale View Flyer x Mountain Maeve)
Needham Rocket (Needham Danger x Gadget Girl)

Bagsy The Front (Newinn Wonder x Blue Abella)
Howaretheboys (Adios Alonso x Hi Five Yankee)

Carlsbushdiamond (Johnny Casanova x Mungos Diamond)
Tommys Buachaill (Vale View Flyer x Moonveen Eve)

Crafty Cosco (Mafi Magic x Crafty Merlano)
Lawlee Four (Adios Alonso x Why Tanyardpenny)

Almighty Joe (Kyle Leigh x Pine Candy)
Cooga Tiger (Hopes And Dreams x Magical Amira)

Shoreline (Thomas The Tank x Quickchelsealady)
Granard Breeze (Adios Alonso x Granard Storm)

Portinard Castle (Eshwary Leader x Portinard Rosie)
Homestead West (Mafi Magic x Pretty Stranger)

Canas Luis (Adios Alonso Ex Blades Of Steel)
Swanky Wonder (Newinn Wonder x Swanky Lucky)

Oaks Trial Stake

Kingsmill Ariel v Aghadown Peaches
Bexhill Anna v Tullamoy Nell
Marshals Kendall v Pumpkin Abbie
Laughing Candle v Bamba Wonder


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