Greyhound and Pet World Oaks- Round 2

While there weren’t too many surprises in the Oaks the departures of Call Her Dresden and Bank Perspective have seen the first of the big guns dismissed. Much like the Derby however, it remains far to early to tell just who will emerge victorious.There were some fine performances in the conditions, although there were a couple of unsatisfactory courses when the weather worsened and quite a few bitches ran unsighted especially towards the bottom of the card.

Of the leading fancies Careful Betty was probably the most impressive, while Turbo Julie was solid if unspectacular. Flow On Jess produced a fine run early and meets Magical Amber who deservedly got the better of Windgap Breeze. Kilkeale Queen impressed in disposing of Call Her Dresden quite comfortably in the end, while in the bottom course Atlantic Diva dismissed the fancied Ocean Hannalora. The three Skellig runners all advanced, Kiwi just getting the better of Beautys Lara after a fairly short slip and Blues holding off Sullane Jess.

Greyhound and Pet World Oaks- Round Two

2 : Fire Height Una
3 : Somelittlething

6 : Skellig Kiwi
8 : Stonepark Dynamo

9 : Flow On Jess
12 : Magical Amber

14 : Skellig Rose
16 : Lochbo Diva
18 : Sand Sea Model
19 : Turbo Julie

21 : Ballinakill Mary
23 : Barrack Eile

25 : Heart Light
27 : Bower Lucy

29 : Chubbys Vanilla
31 : Needham Pine
33 : Fota Castle
36 : Floating Cove

38 : Tynwald Jane
40 : Kilkeale Queen

42 : Careful Betty
43 : Horgie Baby

46 : Ballarue New
47 : Skellig Blues
49 : Magical Amira
51 : Duarigle Magic

54 : Sotogrande
55 : Upup And Away

57 : Smart Sadie
59 : Flagfield Dash

61 : Hollyhill Rosie
63 : Atlantic Diva


Boylesports Derby Round Two- Draw

Boylesports Derby- Round 2

2 : Journey Of Life
3 : Bernish Jet

5 : Must Name Him
8 : Fingal Master

9 : Droopys Newman
12 : Coshair Slane

13 : In The Centre
15 : Fleetwood Nova
17 : Glenrock Gary
19 : Central Investor

22 : Lineroad Amigo
23 : Vale View Flyer

26 : We Have Bob
28 : With Grim Intent

29 : Wood Dynamo
31 : Kingsmill Rover
34 : City Leader
35 : Breezing Johnny

38 : Cuban Ando
40 : Timmeys Bin

41 : Kyle Calvin
44 : Go Conquer

46 : High Garden
47 : Power Of Peace
50 : Crafty Yahoo
52 : Light Duty

53 : Figaro
55 : Newinn Glory

58 : Bold And Brazen
60 : Hi Black Jack

62 : Central Advisor
63 : Rocks Of Bawn

Grace Bruton Champion Bitch Standings

Bitch Points Prizemoney
Duchess 12 5000
Lizs Touch 8 3000
Minorcas Flyer 8 3000
Bucks Honey 8 2750
Collect Me Now 8 2600
Eggemalong 8 1550
Skellig Lola 8 1000*
Smokey Symbol 6 2350
Fives Treasure 6 2100
Kilty Millie 6 1950
Crafty Diviso 6 1800
Gowayoudat 6 1800
Roadside Lady 6 1800
Skellig Tivoli 6 1800
Lochbo Zola 6 1450
Chow Chow 6 1360

Today’s results sees Skellig Lola move into seventh in the Champion Bitch Stake standings with prize money still to be allocated. I don’t believe this to be enough to take her into sixth position however.

She’ll be hard pressed to keep that position though with plenty of ladies in action over Christmas period. I’ve listed those with 4 points or more and where they are running over Christmas below. Mooncoin sees six bitches bid for those final places with Phoenix Tango a personal fancy to take this place (that’s probably her jinxed!)

Phoenix Tango
Gillogue Magic
Ardnalee Eva
Quarrymount Gaga
Moat Missy

Co Kerry
Bucks Honey
Chow Chow

Ravel Glory
Roadside Lady

Smokey Symbol
Crafty Diviso

South Clare
Fives Treasure
Skellig Tivoli

Garrys Secret
Hollyhill Marlyn

Meeting Focus: Regional

Regional will hold their meeting next weekend all being well. I’ve had a quick look back at their meeting over the few years.

Regional has been a happy hunting ground for a few owners over the years not least Michael and Marie Field, who have enjoyed success with a number of their kennel stars. Looking back over the last few years, they’ve had winners in the form of Kyle Leigh and Kyle King in the dog Trial Stake and Kyle Bond double in the James Curran Memorial Cup. Plenty of attention will certainly be paid to what ‘Kyle’ turns up given the quality of dogs that have appeared here in the past.

It might be worth noting that Bexhill Eoin dogs have won the All Age Cup here over the last three years while bitches by the the now departed stud dog have won the last two All Age Cups. Can this pattern continue this season?

Another point worth noting is the success of Kyle James here winning both Trial Stakes here last season with Kyle Leigh and Woodenstown Me. He also enjoyed success with Kyle King.

James Curran Memorial Cup

2012 Eoin Roger (Bexhill Eoin x Tullamoy Lady)

2011 Windfarm Eiscir (Bexhill Eoin x Windfarm Lady)

2010 Small Bit Gone (Bexhill Eoin x Windfarm Lady)

2009 Gingerbread Lad (Mounteden Guest x Vacume Runaway)

2008 Gers Strideaway (Handsome Billa x Eoin Og)

2007 Kyle Bond (Judicial Best x Kyle Mitzi)

2006 Kyle Bond (Judicial Best x Kyle Mitzi)

2005 Take Your Tonic (Hilltown x Misty Fancy)

2004 Vacume Legend (Hilltown x Lady Vacume)

All Age Bitch

2012 Barrack Becky (Bexhill Eoin x Barrack Court)

2011 Vacume Onmyway (Bexhill Eoin x Vacume Runaway)

2010 Funny Honey (Matt Hyland x Rith Gan Gaisce)

2009 Ashwood Dee (Droopys Caesar x Minimum Wage)

2008 Allowdale Metro (Multibet x Junior Magic)

2007 Glanmore Lucy (Cillowen Harbour x Fire of Innagh)

2006 Give Us Nelly (Cillowen Harbour x Giveusachance)

2005 Castle Gold (Castlelawn Oak x Princess of Gold)

2004 Mariners Susie (Hilltown x Drama Lass)

Derby Trial Stake

2012 Kyle Leigh (Kyle James x Leigh Smokey)

2011 Ashmore Sambo (Bexhill Eoin x Carrick Sam)

2010 Kyle King (Kyle James x Ballybeg Fancy)

2009 Curious Man (Trajetory x Best View)

2008 Breska More (Multibet x Orona)

2007 Atlantic Tiger (Matt Hyland x Atlantic Beauty)

2006 Killinane Duke (Tender Heresay x Lady Notinstock)

2005 Off The Rocker (Tee Jay Dee x Duarigle Dancer)

2004 Murtys Blaze (Murtys Gang x Ballybeg Blaze)

Oaks Trial Stake

2012 Woodenstown Me (Kyle James x Shaneboy Molly)

2011 Perfume (Innocent Man x Coshair Leara)

2010 Lyrics (Musical Time x Best View)

2009 Helens Diva (Tynwald Smokey x Cillowen Diva)

2008 Atlantic Ashmore (Ashmore View x Atlantic Beauty)

2007 Flanker Street (Multibet x Cooga Bing)

2006 Cuban Duchess (Judicial Best x Star Vacume)

2005 Spruce Rio (Matt Hyland x Flashy Rio)

2004 Superb Dancer (Tullamore x Duarigle Dancer)

Meeting Focus- Westmeath United

I’ve been under a bit of pressure this week but I’m going to try and get some more meeting focus pieces up this week. I’m starting tonight with a quick sketch of Westmeath United.

The Belsize Cup meeting in Westmeath is one of the most prestigious in the country and is little over a week away now. The meeting has produced some excellent dogs and some very interesting trends over recent years, something certainly worth keeping in mind if relevant this year.

The star of the show over the past couple of years has been Derby runner-up Blueview Sam. Sam won the Derby Trial Stake here in 2011 before returning to win the Belsize Cup in 2012. A son of the 2008 Belsize Cup winner Foxhill Rio, Sam, was the second ‘Blueview’ dog to claim this cup since 2012. Rio comes from the Flashy Flair line and another was also successful here, Thelmo Tiger claiming the Belsize Cup in 2005

Perhaps the most notable trend in the last decade has been the success of the Carrick Sam line at the field. As well as 2011 Belsize Cup winner, Irelands Awake, three other stake winners came from this line with Ashmore Lucky, Ashmore Chief and Feede Gap.


Belsize Cup

2012 Blueview Sam (Murtys Gang x Foxhill Rio)

2011 Irelands Awake (Multibet x Carrick Sam)

2010 Coolree Keeper (Droopys Caesar x Clodiagh Stun)

2009 Cernunnos (Tynwald Smokey x Simpliu)

2008 Foxhill Rio (Matt Hyland x Flashy Rio)

2006 Fingal Dessie (Dual Type x Fingal Glory)

2005 Thelmo Tiger (Matt Hyland x Flashy Jewel)

2004 Blueview Bill (Tullamore x Saferty Reflector)


Derby Trial Stake

2012 Needham Coin (Bar Time x Moat Belle)

2011 Blueview Sam (Murtys Gang x Foxhill Rio)

2010 Ashmore Lucky (Bexhill Eoin x Carrick Sam)

2009 Hecantwin (Eoin Rua x Kilbreedy Time)

2008 Ashmore Chief (Multibet x Carrick Candy)

2006 Ridgemount Hank (Matt Hyland x Princess Grace)

2005 Chairde Boinne (Dual Type x Fingal Glory)

2004 Feede Gap (Murtys Gang x Carrick Sam)


Oaks Trial Stake

2012 Yukon Glory (Musical Time x Cois Luna)

2011 Glenvale Katie (Sandy Sea x Itellyoumikey)

2010 Mollys Leader (Bexhill Eoin x Tune Up)

2009 Toners Girl (Castle Pines x Foroldtimesake)

2008 Mardine Type (Matt Hyland x Marwood Type)

2006 Dale Tyrant (Droopys Caesar x Ready To Hunt)

2005 Ridgemount Maudy (Tullamore x Gentle Twilight)

2004 Charlemont Lucky (Micks Magic x Looks Like Candy)


Meeting Focus- New Ross

The New Ross meeting has moved around in the annual schedule over recent times but the annual meeting here has been held on the second weekend of the season. Looking back through the Roll of Honour the meeting attracted some top dogs in the mid-2000s with O’Flahertys Man, Boavista and Dripping Gold all turning up here to record victories.

The meeting held a fine stake last year with Offshore Eoin and Skellig Wish renewing acquaintances in the final, Eoin reversing the form on the Derby.

Corn Ros Mhic Treoin

2012 Offshore Eoin (Eoin Rua x Inspiring)- Derby Rd 2

2011 Uptown Don (Bexhill Eoin x Three Fools)- Rathcormac TS

2010 Blueview Pines (Castle Pines x Vacume Lady)- Gorey BF

2009 Aghadoe Bob (Mounteden Guest x Caoimhes Dilemma)- Cappoquin Rd 3

2008 Moat Matty (Ashmore View x Mucky Hannah)- Derby Rd 3

2007 Provenzano (Droopys Caesar x Dale Rua)- Rathdowney BF

2006 Dripping Gold (Tullamore x Lisloose Light)- Derby SF

2005 Boavista (Hilltown x Rith Eile)- Derby SF

2004 O’Flahertys Man (Hilltown x Regal Pearl)- Derby **

The All Age Bitch Stake here has over the last few years proven to be one of the hottest in the country. Last year’s winner Class Attraction needs no introduction while the Skellig Babe made her re-appearance after her Greyhound and Petworld Oaks win at the Wexford venue. With Grace Bruton Champion Bitch qualifiers (and winners) among the other bitches to have won here it’s one to keep an eye on this year.

All Age Bitch

2012 Class Attraction (Judicial Affair x Moonveen Ellen)

2011 Skellig Babe (Boavista x Mountain Guest)

2010 Kingsmill Pearl (Multibet x Five To Three)

2009 Marshals Pearl (Matt Hyland x Marshals Suzie)

2008 Galway Star (Galway Mark x Twice Sold)

2007 Crafty Molino (Crafty Pedro x Crafty Flamenco)

2006 Cushie Mag (Hilltown x Ballywilliam Win)

2005 Shilling Town (Hilltown x Long Acre)

2004 Wilton Boss (Tullamore x Star Vacume)

Perhaps the most notable piece of statistical information for the puppies is that only one dog whelped later than April has won a Trial Stake here since 2004. Last year’s Oaks Trial Stake winner Gowayoudat followed up her success here by going on to reach the semi-final of the Oaks in Clonmel.

Derby Trial Stake

2012 Catunda Alonso (Adios Alonso x Yourlookinggood)- March

2011 Windgap Lar (Court House x Clerihan Daisy)- February

2010 Downsman (Janey Mac Aroo x Ardnalee Orla)- May

2009 City Terminator (Bexhill Eoin x Tango Time)- April

2008 Droopys Galvin (Droopys Saunders x Fiery Mary)- February

2007 Pumpactionpaddy (Trajectory x Marwood Type)- April

2006 Kingsmill Judge (Judicial Best x Garren Blonde)- January

2005 Smoking Delight (Matt Hyland x Cillowen Delight)- March

2004 Rio Rooney (Tender Heresay x Bridies Best)- February


Oaks Trial Stake

2012 Gowayoudat (Johnny Casanova x Newinn Droopy)- January

2011 Cloverhill Sandy (Wallace Green x Princess Town)- March

2010 Somebody Told Me (Bexhill Eoin x Carrick Sam)- March

2009 Latest Bet (Multibet x Carrick Sam)- January

2008 Windgap View (Matt Hyland x Harbour View)- April

2007 Evesham Star (Judicial Best x Elm Sunset)- January

2005 Pimpers Paradise (Matt Hyland x Flashy Rio)- March

2004 Vacume Runaway (Micks Magic x Vacume Lady)- February