Ennis- Clarecastle 2017- Day One Results

Murphy and Ryan Memorial Cup

Smearla Dresden v Downton Pluto
Larchill Ranger v Wilderness Buddy
Kilwest Blink v Bexhill River
Ballyglen Duke v Callura Sonic

All Age Bitch Stake

Bracks Lady v Lay Down Sally
Legally Brindle v (Res A) Paradise Jasmin
Mixed Marriage v Skellig Sky
(Res B) Big Abby v Delightful Lola

Reserve Derby Trial Stake

Gentleman Ger (Kyle Leigh x Atlantic Diva)
Right About That (Newinn Wonder x Ever Stardust)

Our Boy Inzagi (Newinn Wonder x Tynwald Joan)
World At Night (Adios Alonso x Skyfullofstars)

Straight Pick (Adios Alonso x Lyrics)
Derra Leigh (Kyle Leigh x Seaside Holly)

Sweating Buckets (Adios Alonso x Carrowclough)
Ballymore Pirate (Wallace Green x Moat Missy)

0aks Trial Stake

Moon Dolly (Lochbo Charlie x Lochbo Diva)
Some Tonic (Adios Alonso x Alva Lil)

Goonoudat (Adios Alonso x Gowayoudat)
Landofthefree (Eshwary Leader x Coolree Nadene)

Flow On Silver (Razor Ashmore x Flow On Jess)
Central Glamour (Blueview Sam x Central Stardust)

Sparkleandshine (Kingsmill Dynamo x Upup And Away)
Allofthelights (Adios Alonso x Skyfullofstars)


Glin 2017 – Day Two Results

Desmond Cup

Case Dismissed v Needham Eoin
Ashmore Rocket v Wiseguy Mark
Portane Ash v Ballymac Vale
Gurteen Davi v Crafty Francesco

Derby Trial Stake

Needham Rocket (Needham Danger x Gadget Girl)
Crafty Cosco (Mafi Magic x Crafty Merlano)

Shoreline (Thomas The Tank x Quickchelsealady)
Swanky Wonder (Newinn Wonder x Swanky Lucky)

Oaks Trial Stake

Homestead Model (Adios Alonso x Eggemalong)
Gilded Cloud (Needham Danger x Larchill Millie)

Force Majeure (Bexhill Eoin x Murphys Vote)
Barrack Navy (Newinn Wonder x Barrack Eile)

Myleene (Tullamoy Master x Needham Marie)
Bridewell Ruby (Adios Alonso x Sonadora)

Murhur Belle (Newinn Wonder x Silent Belle)
Silent Wonder (Newinn Wonder x Silent Belle)

Glin 2017 – Day One Results

Derby Trial Stake

Mountain Holly (Vale View Flyer x Mountain Maeve)
Needham Rocket (Needham Danger x Gadget Girl)

Bagsy The Front (Newinn Wonder x Blue Abella)
Howaretheboys (Adios Alonso x Hi Five Yankee)

Carlsbushdiamond (Johnny Casanova x Mungos Diamond)
Tommys Buachaill (Vale View Flyer x Moonveen Eve)

Crafty Cosco (Mafi Magic x Crafty Merlano)
Lawlee Four (Adios Alonso x Why Tanyardpenny)

Almighty Joe (Kyle Leigh x Pine Candy)
Cooga Tiger (Hopes And Dreams x Magical Amira)

Shoreline (Thomas The Tank x Quickchelsealady)
Granard Breeze (Adios Alonso x Granard Storm)

Portinard Castle (Eshwary Leader x Portinard Rosie)
Homestead West (Mafi Magic x Pretty Stranger)

Canas Luis (Adios Alonso Ex Blades Of Steel)
Swanky Wonder (Newinn Wonder x Swanky Lucky)

Oaks Trial Stake

Kingsmill Ariel v Aghadown Peaches
Bexhill Anna v Tullamoy Nell
Marshals Kendall v Pumpkin Abbie
Laughing Candle v Bamba Wonder

Kilflynn 2017- Day 2 Results

Stephen Fuller All Age Cup

Kilkillogue v Dromtullabeg
Kyle Mozart v Dru Mac
Killacolla Jet v Oilean Kyle
Barefoot Marine v Tiarnans Tank

Oaks Trial Stake

Ballymac Meena (Ballymac Best x Ballymac Adelpha)
Joyful Poppete (Adios Alonso x Victory Point)

Big Bertha (Adios Alonso x Maggie Dan)
Amys Hero (Razor Ashmore x Amys View)

Reserve Derby Trial Stake

Barrack Bruce (Adios Alonso x Barrack Millie)
Caherlevy Max (Adios Alonso x Stelcon)

Count Ugarte (Razor Ashmore x Amys View)
Writtenindastars (Adios Alonso x No No Hawkeye)

Ballyglen Bestie (Mafi Magic x Barrow Cockle)
Wiseguy Sam (Blueview Sam x Turning Pace)

Ballymac Winn (Newinn Wonder x Curragh Time)
Suckitupbuttercup (Adios Alonso x Alkala)

Late season renaissance sees Jasper into Kevin Smith Champion Stakes

Kingsmill Jasper continued his late season surge and claimed a place in the Kevin Smith Champion Stakes with victory in Sevenhouses this afternoon. The son of Johnny Casanova and Kingsmill Chanel had a disappointing start to his season with just a final appearance in Crohane, to show for his first 6 starts.  But after a break for most of December he showed some of his old form winning in Millstreet and followed that up in Sevenhouses seeing off Tellmemorelies in the final. He moves into 7th place in the Champion Stakes standings.

The Derby Trial Stake produced a high quality field with 6 Trial Stake runners up reaching the final day. Take Three, the runner up in Regional at the beginning of the season saw off Redzer Rocky in the final. Rocky had previously run up the Tradaree Trial Stake. A son of Adios Alonso and Ballinakill Mary, he claims the last place in the Derby. He’s owned by the Crack The Wall Syndicate.

The Oaks Trial Stake saw Barna Wonder get the better of Woodlands Gold. The daughter of Newinn Wonder and Drumcrow Amber is owned by Eamon and Edward Kelly. Barna was making her seventh appearance of the season, a semi-final appearance at Liscannor on the opening weekend her best previous outing.

Seamus Hughes Memorial Cup

Kingsmill Jasper (Johnny Casanova x Kingsmill Chanel) beat Tellmemorelies 

Derby Trial Stake

Take Three (Adios Alonso x Ballinakill Mary) beat Redzer Rocky (Mafi Magic x Loyal Lyric)

Oaks Trial Stake

Barna Wonder (Newinn Wonder x Drumcrow Amber) beat Woodlands Gold (Bexhill Eoin x Alone We Are)


Sevenhouses- Day One Results

Seamus Hughes Memorial Cup

Mungos Ranger v Kingsmill Jasper
Loyal Lightning v Kingcormac Fairy
Tellmemorelies v Wazowski
Coshair Pallas v Tilly The Tank

Derby Trial Stake

Raise A Flag (Central City x Needham Time)
City Back (Adios Alonso x City Beauty)

Nearly Lost (Mafi Magic x Beautys Grace)
Redzer Rocky (Mafi Magic x Loyal Lyric)

Take Three (Adios Alonso x Ballinakill Mary)
Isle Of Destiny (Thomas The Tank x Vienna Calling)

Carricktobin Boy (Carricktobin Lad x Dungil)
Chooseyourweapon (Thomas The Tank x Needham Beauty)

Oaks Trial Stake

Money Queen (Adios Alonso x Marriage Wrecker)
Brownshill Babe (Newinn Wonder x Moat Michelle)

Mungos Sparrow (Lochbo Blake x Mungos Melody)
Woodlands Gold (Bexhill Eoin x Alone We Are)

Pumpkin Ashmore (Razor Ashmore x Pumpkin Aviva)
Whitehaired Mary (Thomas The Tank x Redhaired Mary)

Barna Wonder (Newinn Wonder x Drumcrow Amber)
Riversidebrindle (Adios Alonso x Ballinakill Mary)