Templetuohy- Day One Survivors

Premier Cup

Call Him Bolt v Crafty Who
Barefoot Magnus v Sudden Cas
Inch Hothead v Newinn Glory
Lincolns Call v Valley Model

Newinn Glory- Evens
Crafty Who- 2/1
Call Him Bolt- 4/1
Barefoot Magnus- 5/1
Inch Hothead- 5/1
Lincolns Call- 5/1
Valley Model- 5/1
Sudden Cas- 12/1

Derby Trial Stake

Needham Dash (Bexhill Brian x Gadget Girl)*- 4/1
Private Luck (Adios Alonso x Summerfield Bex)- 10/1

Breska Royal (Kyle King x Moonveen Lola)- 5/1
Madtogojam (Kyle James x Madtogoagain)- 3/1

Bigbadleroybrown (Adios Alonso x Dash Of Glory)- 3/1
Pandemonium (Adios Alonso x Notindispute)- 5/2

Micks Victory (Adios Alonso x Victory Point)- 3/1
Marlfield King (Kingsmill Dynamo x Marfield Flashy)- 10/1

* There’s a bit of debate about whether Needham Dash or Dale Loki is the top dog. Subject to contradiction I’ll go with Needham based on marked cards I’d seen from this afternoon.

Oaks Trial Stake

Highest Praise (Derby Pines x Wise Purchase)- 6/1
Rock Me Baby (Mafi Magic x Tilt Your Kilt)- 7/2

Coffee in Spirit (Kyle James x Coffee In Currow)- 2/1
Carricktobin Oak (Carricktobin Lad x Alone We Are)- 6/1

Shes Our Blonde (Kyle James x Delightful Mark)- 8/1
Do It Lass (Kyle King x Kincora Chubbys)- 4/1

Bexhill Mandy (Bexhill Brian x Gadget Girl)- 4/1
Happy Away (Adios Alonso x Tullamoy Queen)- 6/4


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